Hongkong Food Guide When To Eat Dim Sum

Hongkong Food Guide

Who does not recognize dim sum? This snack is one of the well-liked dishes found in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. so, in this article will discuss about dim sum.  Here we have some reviews regarding this cuisine in hongkong food guide.

  1. Steamed dim sum cuisine

Steamed dim sum is the preferred variety of cuisine and is thought to several individuals. Typically, this cuisines have a savory style with a chewy texture once bitten.

steam dumplings

steam dumplings

Some varieties of steamed cuisine square includes hakau or shrimp dumplings. Pork siu mai containing minced pork, steamed fong or steamed chicken feet, and lo mai gai that is sticky rice filled with lotus leaves wrapped in pork.

  1. deep-fried and roast dim sum cuisine

Next is deep-fried and roast cuisine. deep-fried or baked cuisine encompasses a drier and firm texture once consumed.

deep-fried and roast cuisine

deep-fried and roast cuisine

Savory and firm radish cake, lumbia or cheun goon with vegetable stuffing, char siu or pork puff full of pork. And wo tip or roast dumplings resembling gyoza square are a number of the popular deep-fried and roast dim sums.

  1. Steamed Buns

Some well-liked varieties of steamed buns includes Char siu bao or pork full of distinctive sweet and savory flavors. Gai bao or meat and chicken stuffed vegetables, and man tao that could be a reasonably steamed buns while does not have a filling inside.

  1. Cheong fun

Chewy-textured sort of a noodle, cheong fun encompasses a dominant salty and savory style.

Cheong fun

Cheong fun

Some well-liked varieties of cheong fun square measure har cheung or shrimp-filled cheong fun. Ngau cheung containing minced beef, and dja leung, cheong fun with cakwe stuffing.

  1. Sweet cuisine

The last is that the sweet cuisine is that dominated by sweet tasteful snacks. These sweet snacks square measure consumed to neutralize the savory flavors of varied cuisine dishes.

Mango pudding, dow fu fah or bean curd pudding, egg tart, and djeen dui or cakes that check dumplings square measure. Some afters snacks that square measure typically served when consumption a range of savory dim sums. That is the information all about dim sum which you will find in Hong Kong food guide.