Hongkong Food Guide In Restaurant You Must Try

restaurants in Hong Kong

There are many kinds of restaurants in Hong Kong, and many of them already have big names. In the Hong Kong food guide in the restaurant you must try this is to be given an explanation of some of the best restaurant recommendations in Hong Kong. But what is served in this restaurant is not only food from Hong Kong, but very complete food from any foreign countries. below are a few of these restaurants.

  1. Pizza cluster

In this restaurant it is like the name very much at all, namely this restaurant does sell typical Italian foods such as pizza, pasta, and many others. This restaurant has also been around a long time. When you go to Hong Kong then you will not be difficult to find this restaurant, because it is already famous in Hong Kong.

Pizza cluster

Pizza cluster

  1. pizzeria

If indeed the Christmas celebration could end then not with a visit to imagine the British merchants Fortnum & Mason, which is a place where they are always as busy as celebration. There is a tea and biscuit that you can eat comfortably and comfortably, but if you still don’t get what you want, then you just go to the top area where there is a bar where you have complete your stay and choose the food available at in the menu. So for those of you who go to eat to this place then you don’t worry that you won’t get food like rice or noodles, you will definitely get it. It’s just wrapped in English dishes.

  1. Ink food bar

In the year 2019-2020 it was increasingly crowded a dining table which has a very beautiful view, especially the view is on the beach. This place is a place that is visited by many Idnplay poker community from all over the world. So indeed many who come here just to eat and enjoy some of the dishes in the restaurant and indeed you can look at the beautiful sea view. Plus if you come to this place the weather is sunny, then you will increasingly enjoy seafood dishes provided here such as oysters, shellfish, lobster, salmon, and many others. In addition, there is also a very popular Asian dish, Sushi.

Ink food bar

Ink food bar

  1. Wheat flour shop and restaurant

The last restaurant is a restaurant that is very diverse to enjoy food, because indeed in this restaurant there are a variety of foods made from wheat or bread that indeed it is a food from Europe which is now spread to spread throughout the world. Including in this Hong Kong country. The food provided, among others, is like a burger, pizza, and many others. This restaurant also provides more convenience to its consumers. So to you if you come to this place is also highly recommended right in this Hong Kong food guide.

Thus an explanation from the Hong Kong food guide in the restaurant you must try which of course can be your reference in finding restaurants in the Hong Kong country when you go there.