Hong Kong Food Guide When Eat The Best Egg Tart

The Best Egg Tart

Hong Kong country has very good egg tarts, but not all egg tarts in Hong Kong are tasty. Egg tart itself is a food adapted from British food that does exist in the UK. So egg tart is indeed not a food that is not genuine Hong Kong. It’s just that since it was adapted by the Hong Kong Kiu Kiu Online community, be Hong Kong this is a food called egg tart.

There are many egg tarts in this country that sell it, but not all of the restaurants in Hong Kong provide delicious egg tarts. In the article of Hong Kong food guide when eating the best egg tarts. You will know that everywhere restaurants in Hong Kong who does have the best egg tarts in Hong Kong. Besides being able to know this restaurant you can indeed come directly to the place of the restaurant because we will provide a detailed explanation.

  1. Lord Stow’s Egg Tarts in Expresso

The first place to eat that becomes the top place is lord stow’s egg tarts in expresso. So this place is a small restaurant in the packing area. It is indeed lord stow is a small restaurant that is indeed the only selling egg tart food in the area. in this place you can get egg tarts that are indeed excellent in Hong Kong.

Lord Stow's Egg Tarts in expresso

Lord Stow’s Egg Tarts in expresso

So indeed the Hong Kong country also provides special food in the food it serves. Although the egg tart was not originally a food derived from the original Hong Kong, but it turns out that the original community was able to provide a progress in terms of culinary development in the country.

  1. Door door

This restaurant is a place to eat which combines concepts from time immemorial with modern concepts. Which can be said that this place has a high historical value. So it is indeed in this Japanese apricot foo environment that this restaurant was built for more than 40 years. In this restaurant you will only receive a menu containing the egg tart with only accompanying drinks. Not with other foods.

Door door egg tart

Door door egg tart

Therefore if you really have the opportunity to come to Hong Kong, make sure you taste an egg tart at this place. Besides this place provides the best egg tart food, this place also presents the design of the place. It was designed for you to be comfortable in using this place and eating at the restaurant door. In Hong Kong food guide article when eating the best egg tart. This is also the information that you really need when you go to Hong Kong to get involved.

Thus the explanation of the article that contained a piece of information from a restaurant.  They provide the most delicious egg tarts in Hong Kong and indeed this place also made Hong Kong a place that was forgotten in terms of its culinary. You need to remember once again that Hong Kong has been very good. Hence you have prepared a variety of special dishes that you can taste there. Likewise with you as a tourist who must maintain a good environment in Hong Kong.